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Work accidents

Every victim of an accident at work has the right to claim compensation against his employer as compensation for the injuries and damages suffered in said accident.

Worker’s compensation

If you suffered an accident or suffer an illness caused as a result of your work, the workers’ compensation law provides you with funds to pay for medical expenses, in addition to compensatory benefits for lost income while you are not working as a result of your accident or illness.

Unjustified dismissal

Opening a case for unjustified dismissal can be complicated since most employees are hired “at will”, only by filling applications.

Work Harassment

It is quite difficult to experience verbal abuse by a stranger on the train or in a crowded market. Verbal abuse is even more of a challenge when it is thrown at you by a co-worker or supervisor.

Work inhability

If you are an American citizen or legal resident, you may be entitled to monthly disability payments in case you can not work because of a physical or mental illness that prevents you from carrying out a normal job.

Labor Discrimination

Discrimination cases can be presented in employment notices, in the selection, evaluation, hiring and firing of personnel, in the terms and conditions of employment, as well as in remuneration, benefits, and in decisions about who receives training. and what kind of training is provided.

Extra hours without payment

An important point is that being an immigrant does not prevent a person from successfully demanding the payment of unpaid overtime or lunch periods or breaks not provided.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a serious problem in the United States. It is not only employees who are victims of sexual harassment who suffer from devastating emotional shocks for a long time, nor just the harasser who will feel the weight of laws prohibiting sexual harassment over the next few years.

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