Unjustified Dismissal

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Opening a case for unjustified dismissal can be complicated since most employees are hired “at will”, only by filling applications. This implies that the employer and the employee, in the absence of a written contract, can terminate their employment relationship at any time, with or without cause, without breaking the law.

There are cases in which the employee can proceed against his employer, when he suspects that there is illegal motivation after his dismissal, or that this has been due to some type of retaliation. When the employer violates state laws and federal laws there is a basis for a lawsuit.

You could have a case, if you suspect that there is an illegal motivation in your dismissal.

You have 30 days
to expose your case.

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Despido Injustificado


Despido Injustificado
  • Unjustified dismissal
  • Dismissal due to work injury.
  • Dismissal for discrimination, sex, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or religion is considered illegal.
  • Dismissal for opposing illegal activities.
  • Dismissal for taking time away from work due to pregnancy.
  • Dismissal for demanding additional payment for overtime work.
  • Dismissal for demanding the time of food, rest, to which he is entitled.
  • Dismissal for reprisals by superiors.
  • Being fired for taking time to vote or serve as a jury.

Frequent Ask Questions

Is the consultation really free?

Yes, our first consultation is completely free.

What kind of questions will they ask me when I call?

We will ask your name and contact information; When, where and how the incident occurred and a brief description of the damages and injuries. We will also ask you simple questions that will allow us to get in touch with a lawyer who is in your area and is right for your situation.

Our priority, your case.

The simplest way to see it is, that a Beeper Legal lawyer will be dedicated to solve your case, that’s why all your clients are priority and your expertise is the greatest value to obtain satisfactory results.

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The duration of a call is approximately 10 minutes, to accelerate the process and improve the time gathers all the information to be able to expose your case. Effectiveness is our goal, the more explicit and precise our attention will be.

How to know if I have a case?

Before wasting your time, better call Beeper Legal, an expert lawyer can tell you with certainty if you have a case, all through knowledge of the laws and experience in handling all types of incidents. Your duty is to protect yourself and your family.

Is it confidential, should I be afraid?

All your information is confidential. The consultation will be between you and your lawyer. You must not be afraid, you can fully trust that Beeper Legal reserves all your data either by phone or through our contact forms by mail.