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Every victim of an accident at work has the right to claim compensation against his employer as compensation for the injuries and damages suffered in said accident. On many occasions, workers, due to the needs of production, are forced to sacrifice their job security. It is in these situations limit is where a greater number of occupational accidents occur, and is where the companies try to relapse the responsibility on the worker, in order to avoid paying the corresponding compensation.

The law can provide you with funds for your medical expenses or lost wages.

These are some possible scenarios to receive help from Labor Accident Attorneys:

  • Not having adequate protection for the work that is done.
  • No signage in risk areas.
  • High noise levels in the work environment.
  • Small spaces that complicate the performance of the work.
  • Non-existent or inadequate lighting.
  • Flammable material or fuel close to heat sources
  • Installation or equipment that may present failures in the operation.

What to do in case of an accident at work?

  • Go to a hospital or health center.
  • Call us and you will have a lawyer specialized in work accidents.
  • Ask for a copy of the emergency room report where you were treated.
  • Request detailed medical reports each time you attend the consultation.
  • Collect witnesses and request their information (Name and telephone number), we will need them.
  • Photographs of the incident site, if you can not, support yourself with relatives, witnesses or friends.
  • Do not sign any document or accept hasty arrangements, call us.
  • Describe and take note of the facts of your incident while they are fresh, do not forget the details, they are very important.
  • Collect all documents and invoices related to your accident.

You have 30 days
to expose your case.

Do not waste time, call your lawyer for free.

Abogados de accidentes laborales
Labor accident lawyers

It is illegal to dismiss an employee after suffering an accident at work, consult a Workers’ Compensation Lawyers.

Do not accept hasty arrangements, call us. An expert lawyer will attend you immediately.
You have rights.

Frequent Ask Questions

Is the consultation really free?

Yes, our first consultation is completely free.

What kind of questions will they ask me when I call?

We will ask your name and contact information; When, where and how the incident occurred and a brief description of the damages and injuries. We will also ask you simple questions that will allow us to get in touch with a lawyer who is in your area and is right for your situation.

Our priority, your case.

The simplest way to see it is, that a Beeper Legal lawyer will be dedicated to solve your case, that’s why all your clients are priority and your expertise is the greatest value to obtain satisfactory results.

How long can a call last?

The duration of a call is approximately 10 minutes, to accelerate the process and improve the time gathers all the information to be able to expose your case. Effectiveness is our goal, the more explicit and precise our attention will be.

How to know if I have a case?

Before wasting your time, better call Beeper Legal, an expert lawyer can tell you with certainty if you have a case, all through knowledge of the laws and experience in handling all types of incidents. Your duty is to protect yourself and your family.

Is it confidential, should I be afraid?

All your information is confidential. The consultation will be between you and your lawyer. You must not be afraid, you can fully trust that Beeper Legal reserves all your data either by phone or through our contact forms by mail.