Extra Hours without payment

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It is important to highlight that the law establishes that every worker must receive payment for the correct amount of hours worked. If you are not receiving adequate and full payment for the overtime payment amount, you have the right to request legal help and file a claim for wage and overtime payments.

Our attorneys are up to date with all the rules and laws related to the payment of overtime.

An important point is that being an immigrant does not prevent a person from successfully demanding the payment of unpaid overtime or lunch periods or breaks not provided. You deserve to receive the fair payment for the hours worked. If you believe that your work is not being paid in the right way, you have a complaint or wage claim or payment of overtime, call now to present your case.

Pago de horas extra

These are some possible cases in which you could get compensation:

Extra Hours without payment.
  • Payment of overtime.
  • Extra hours not paid.
  • Non-payment of wages.
  • Food and rest periods or inadequate rest periods.
  • Undue deductions.
  • Erroneous classification of employees (exempt or non-exempt).

Frequent Ask Questions

Is the consultation really free?

Yes, our first consultation is completely free.

What kind of questions will they ask me when I call?

We will ask your name and contact information; When, where and how the incident occurred and a brief description of the damages and injuries. We will also ask you simple questions that will allow us to get in touch with a lawyer who is in your area and is right for your situation.

Our priority, your case.

The simplest way to see it is, that a Beeper Legal lawyer will be dedicated to solve your case, that’s why all your clients are priority and your expertise is the greatest value to obtain satisfactory results.

How long can a call last?

The duration of a call is approximately 10 minutes, to accelerate the process and improve the time gathers all the information to be able to expose your case. Effectiveness is our goal, the more explicit and precise our attention will be.

How to know if I have a case?

Before wasting your time, better call Beeper Legal, an expert lawyer can tell you with certainty if you have a case, all through knowledge of the laws and experience in handling all types of incidents. Your duty is to protect yourself and your family.

Is it confidential, should I be afraid?

All your information is confidential. The consultation will be between you and your lawyer. You must not be afraid, you can fully trust that Beeper Legal reserves all your data either by phone or through our contact forms by mail.