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What kind of questions should I expect from Beeper Legal?
We will ask for your name and contact information; when, where and how the incident occurred and a brief description of the damage and injuries. We will also ask simple questions to help us put you in contact with right attorney in your area.
The call will last approximately 10 minutes. To accelerate the process and reduce the time, gather all information you can to expose your case. Effectiveness is our goal; the more explicit and precise your explanation is the more we can help.
Yes, our first consultation is free.
Our priority, your case.
Beeper Legal’s lawyer will be focused in resolving your case All of our customers are a priority and our attorneys’ expertise will be of great value in resolving your case.
Before wasting your time, call Beeper Legal and an expert attorney will confirm if you have a case with their knowledge of the laws and experience in handling all types of incidents. Their duty is to protect you and your family..
All your information is confidential. The consultation will be between you and your lawyer. You must not be afraid, you can rely on Beeper Legal in keeping the information you provided,by telephone or through our contact forms, completely confidential.

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